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Asset Management

Podium Properties focuses on the importance of property management. We realize that a strategic property management program can have a tremendous impact on the growth and value of your building and your assets.

Our focus combines the physical management of a property, developing management and owner relations, and financial management. Our goal for a building is to maintain and upgrade the property, resulting in higher market values and increasing its value for owners.

Managing a condominium association is a multifaceted activity that draws on a range of talents and capabilities. How are these matters handled by your condominium? Would your association benefit from Podium Properties professional management services?

Podium Properties applies its considerable real estate, business and management expertise to Condominium Management. We add value by applying this expertise in ways that uniquely satisfy the needs and desires of your condominium corporation. We understand that your condominium is your home.

The unique position of having been condominium builders and property managers puts the Podium team in contact with architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers on a daily basis. Working hard to develop relationships in these areas leads to good things for your corporation – fair pricing, quality services, and top-notch management.