We have established preventative maintenance programs for all our properties, taking into consideration a monthly inspection of fire safety and emergency equipment, regularly scheduled maintenance on elevators and overhead doors, and the annual inspection of fire alarm, sprinkler, and back flow prevention equipment.  We regularly review and update health and safety standards for Corporation employees, and ensure that National Fire Code and Building Code standards are upheld on all properties.  Our Operations team visits all properties on a weekly basis, at minimum, with a view to inspecting all common elements for maintenance items, and investigating problems within the units, which may involve the Corporation’s responsibility to repair and maintain building components and systems.  We provide human resources for special projects and emergencies, responding immediately to all fire and flood emergencies, coordinating with the Corporation’s insurer, and supervising restoration after a catastrophe, as well as providing support to the Resident Manager when required.

Among our properties, we manage 15 buildings that employ Resident Managers or Superintendents.  We have built a quality team, many of whom have considerable experience and tenure.  This resource pool enables us to offer vacation or illness coverage, and support in emergencies, from within our team.  All these Superintendents are engaged, well-trained, and professional representatives of their Corporations.  They are paid through Ceridian Payroll Services and are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.