The Team

The Team

Podium Properties’ core team is a group of dedicated individuals, experienced and professional, with a shared commitment to providing superior customer service, to working with the dynamics of each Board of Directors, and to paying close attention to the needs of all our clients.


Tony Hall – President – Senior Property Manager

Tony is the President and Senior Property Manager for Podium Properties. Tony has been in the condominium industry for over fifteen years. In this time, as a property developer, he successfully built and sold H.C.C.C. #242, H.C.C.C. #275 and H.C.C.C. #294. Tony was the Project Manager responsible for the successful completion of these projects.

Tony personally supervises all aspects of the management of the Properties under contract at Podium Properties. The planning aspect of this project management experience has given Tony a unique view and understanding of the condominium community. Clients find Tony accessible and willing to deal expediently with any concerns they may have.

Tony’s construction leadership experience has allowed him to create a team of dedicated, trustworthy professionals and trades people accustomed to working in the condominium environment. These trades people share the understanding that Condominiums are homes.

Tony came to the Condominium Industry after a successful career as a Coach with Canada’s Olympic Canoe and Kayak Team.

Melanie Morris – Property Manager

Melanie has many years of experience in the condominium management industry and a business administration education.  Melanie visits properties on a daily basis, manages operations-related paperwork, coordinates trades people for routine maintenance and special projects, plans Annual and General Meetings, and attends Board meetings regularly. She coordinates electronic communication among Boards of Directors between meetings, and coordinates appointments with unit owners and trades people for routine maintenance and special projects.

Joe O’Leary – Property Manager

Joe has extensive experience in property and project management as well as hands on maintenance experience.  He visits properties, and manages both small and large-scale projects including renovations, repairs, and maintenance.  Joe works with trades people to ensure Podium’s clients are getting excellent workmanship at the lowest cost.  Joe communicates with Board members and residents and attends Annual Meetings and Board Meetings. 

Amanda Peacock – Property Manager

 Amanda brings property management and financial experience to the Podium team.  Amanda regularly visits properties, coordinates tradespeople and seasonal contracts, and plans and supervises special projects.  Amanda communicates with Boards and residents and plans and attends Board meetings and General meetings. 

Christian Hall – Operations Assistant

Christian completes daily on-site operational tasks ranging from minor maintenance items to unit inspections and trades supervision. Christian has a law degree and assists with operational related communications and formal condominium documents.


Lynn Creighton – Controller

Lynn brings impressive experience to the Podium team including a BBA from Mount St. Vincent University, specializing in accounting, and over thirteen years of property management experience.  She manages all aspects of condominium accounting, including financial statements, bank reconciliations, budget preparation, and Reserve Fund analyses.  Lynn also manages Podium’s role in the yearend audit function, liaising with the firms that are engaged to do the Corporations’ audits.  Lynn is available to meet with Corporation Board members to review financial procedures and answer questions about financial statements.

Kim Gosley – Accounts Receivable Administrator

Kim has a background in bookkeeping for construction sub-trades. She is responsible for all banking, as well as administration of condominium fee payments, statements, and collection of past due accounts. Kim also manages bank accounts for laundry revenue and Board and Committee fund-raising accounts.

Carol Avery – Accounts Payable

Carol is responsible for accounts payable on behalf of the Condominium Corporations.  Carol ensures payments are made on-time and correctly to Corporation employees, contractors, and public bodies. 

 Our Trades People & Contacts

Podium uses the approach of analysis and consultation with staff, board members and residents, to add or remove tradespeople from our contractor portfolio. Where applicable, we use tendered pricing, or request multiple quotes for major expenditures. In all cases, we endeavor to hire tradespeople that will provide the best workmanship and service, at the best value, for our clients.

We search for contractors who share our vision of bringing added value to your condominium. Our contractors have built and maintained condominiums; they are professionals who do not leave loose or messy ends. Like Podium they strive to provide value to the end user – the home owner.

Office Address: 61 Prince Albert Road
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1M1

Phone: 902-445-4936
Fax: 902-407-3305
Emergency Number: 902-499-4936